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Which Obelix Comic Book Should You Read First? Take This Personality Quiz To Find Out!

Discover the surprising Obelix comic book that matches your personality with this fun quiz!

Are you a fan of the Asterix and Obelix comic book series? Have you ever wondered which Obelix comic book you should read first? Look no further!

We have created a personality quiz to help guide you towards the perfect Obelix adventure. Whether you’re new to the series or a long-time reader, choosing which comic book to start with can be overwhelming. With so many adventures to choose from, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Our quiz is designed to analyze your personality traits and preferences, ultimately leading you towards the perfect Obelix story for you. So sit back, relax, and answer a few questions to discover which Obelix comic book should be next on your reading list.


  1. Understanding The Asterix And Obelix Comic Book Series
  2. The Importance Of Choosing The Right Obelix Adventure
  3. The Personality Quiz: How It Works
  4. Your Ideal Obelix Comic Book: Results Revealed!
  5. Exploring The World Of Obelix: Further Reading Suggestions
  6. Conclusion

Understanding The Asterix And Obelix Comic Book Series

The Asterix and Obelix comic book series has a rich history and legacy that spans over 60 years. The first comic was published in France in 1959, and since then, the series has become a beloved classic around the world.

The stories follow the adventures of Asterix, a small but mighty Gaulish warrior, and his best friend Obelix as they navigate their way through Roman-occupied territories.

The cultural impact and significance of the Asterix and Obelix comics cannot be overstated. Not only have they entertained generations of readers with their humor and wit, but they have also served as a powerful tool for teaching history and culture.

The comics are known for their accurate depictions of ancient civilizations, including the Gauls, Romans, Egyptians, and more.

Overall, the Asterix and Obelix comic book series continues to be an important part of popular culture today. With its enduring popularity across generations and nations, it is clear that these characters will continue to capture the hearts of readers for years to come.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Obelix Adventure

After understanding the Asterix and Obelix Comic Book Series, the next step is to choose which Obelix adventure to read first. Choosing wisely is crucial as it can determine whether you’ll enjoy the journey or not.

It’s not just about picking a book randomly, but rather selecting the perfect one that will suit your reading preference. When it comes to choosing an Obelix comic book, it’s important to consider what you’re looking for in a story.

Do you want something action-packed, humorous, or historically accurate? You can browse through different reviews and recommendations online or ask fellow comic enthusiasts for suggestions. By doing so, you’ll get an idea of what each adventure offers and which one would fit your taste.

Enjoying the journey is also essential when selecting an Obelix adventure. Reading should be a fun and immersive experience, allowing you to escape reality and delve into another world. Therefore, don’t be afraid to take risks and try something new.

Who knows? You might discover a whole new genre or style that you’d never thought of before. Remember, choosing wisely doesn’t mean playing it safe all the time; sometimes taking chances can lead to unexpected enjoyment.

The Personality Quiz: How It Works

As you embark on the journey of discovering which Obelix comic book to read first, it’s important to understand how the personality quiz works.

The quiz is designed to use psychometric analysis to determine your preferences, interests, and tendencies based on a series of carefully crafted questions.

The Personality Quiz takes into consideration various aspects of your personality, such as your communication style, decision-making process, and values.

By analyzing these components through a set of questions, the quiz provides insights into what type of Obelix comic book would suit you best.

So take your time answering each question honestly and thoughtfully. Remember that there are no right or wrong answers.

Your responses will be used to create a personalized recommendation for you based on your unique personality traits.

Your Ideal Obelix Comic Book: Results Revealed!

After taking the personality quiz, you may be wondering where to start with Obelix comic books. The reading order can be a bit confusing, but fear not! We’ve got you covered.

First off, it’s important to note that the Obelix comics are part of the larger Asterix series. While many of the stories can stand alone, there is a certain continuity and character development that builds throughout the series.

With that being said, we recommend starting with ‘Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book’. This special edition celebrates 50 years of Asterix and is a great introduction to both characters.

Now, let’s dive into some character analysis. Obelix is known for his strength and love of menhirs (large standing stones). He can sometimes come across as simple-minded or impulsive, but he has a big heart and is fiercely loyal to his friends. He also has a bit of a sweet tooth and loves nothing more than indulging in some wild boar and honey.

In summary, if you’re new to the world of Asterix and Obelix comics, start with ‘Asterix and Obelix’s Birthday: The Golden Book’. As you read through the series, keep an eye on Obelix’s growth as a character – he may surprise you with his depth and complexity.

Happy reading!

Exploring The World Of Obelix: Further Reading Suggestions

Ready to dive into the world of Obelix? Once you’ve figured out which comic book to start with, there are plenty more adventures waiting for you. But where should you go next? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a newcomer to the series, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most exciting possibilities.

First up, consider doing a deep dive into the character development that makes Obelix such an enduring favorite. Comic book analysis is a great way to get started, and there are plenty of resources available online for readers who want to dig deeper into the nuances of each storyline. Paying careful attention to everything from facial expressions to dialogue can help you gain new insights into these beloved characters.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a bit more action-packed, there are plenty of options available as well. From epic battles against ancient Roman armies to high-stakes heists and daring escapes, Obelix and his friends are always up for an adventure.

So why not pick up another volume in the series today and see where it takes you? With so many exciting possibilities on offer, the only limit is your imagination!


So, there you have it – the ultimate guide to finding your perfect Obelix comic book adventure! By taking our personality quiz, you’ve uncovered which story is most likely to captivate and entertain you.

Whether you’re a fan of epic battles, humorous mishaps, or heartwarming moments between friends, there’s an Obelix adventure out there just waiting for you to discover.

So go forth and explore the world of Asterix and Obelix! With so many exciting stories to choose from, you’re sure to find one that speaks to your unique personality and interests.

And who knows? You may even become a lifelong fan of these beloved characters and their unforgettable adventures.