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Which Tintin Character Would Be Your Best Friend? Take This Quiz To Find Out!

Discover the surprising Tintin character that would make the perfect best friend for you with this fun quiz!

Have you ever wondered which character from the beloved Tintin comics would be your best friend? Would it be the fearless reporter himself, Tintin, or perhaps his trusty canine companion, Snowy? Maybe you see yourself bonding with the bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson, or the eccentric Professor Calculus.

Well, wonder no more! Take this quiz to discover which Tintin character would make the perfect pal for you.

The Tintin comics have been a favorite among readers of all ages since their creation in 1929 by Belgian cartoonist Herge. The series follows the adventures of young journalist Tintin and his friends as they travel around the world solving mysteries and uncovering conspiracies.

With an array of colorful characters to choose from, it’s no wonder fans have often imagined what it would be like to join them on their escapades. So sit back, grab your magnifying glass, and get ready to find out which member of Tintin’s crew would be your ultimate buddy.


  1. Meet The Characters Of Tintin
  2. Tintin: The Fearless Reporter
  3. Snowy: The Trusty Canine Companion
  4. Thomson And Thompson: The Bumbling Detectives
  5. Professor Calculus: The Eccentric Scientist
  6. Conclusion

Meet The Characters Of Tintin

Exploring the world of Tintin: From comics to movies, behind the scenes, and more! This Belgian comic series, created by Herge in 1929, has captured the hearts of people all around the globe. The adventures of Tintin and his faithful dog Snowy have become a household name over the years.

Tintin and the Adventure of Friendship: Lessons We Can Learn from the Beloved Characters.

The characters of Tintin are not only entertaining but also teach us valuable life lessons. Tintin himself is a role model for loyalty, bravery, and determination. Captain Haddock shows us that it’s never too late to change for the better, while Professor Calculus teaches us about innovation and creativity.

So which character would make for the perfect best friend? It’s hard to choose just one! Whether it’s Snowy’s unwavering loyalty, Thompson and Thomson’s hilarious antics or Bianca Castafiore’s diva-like personality, each character brings something unique to the table.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide who you’d want as your Tintin buddy!

Tintin: The Fearless Reporter

Exploring the Adventures of Tintin is like taking a thrilling ride through different cultures and historical events. The series follows Tintin, a brave and curious reporter, as he travels around the world to uncover mysteries and solve crimes. Alongside his loyal dog Snowy and a cast of memorable characters, Tintin fearlessly faces danger and adversity to get to the truth.

The Legacy of Tintin’s Creator, Belgian cartoonist Herge, is one of innovation and creativity. He pioneered the use of clear line drawing style in his comics, which influenced many other artists in Europe and beyond. Herge’s commitment to accuracy in depicting cultures and historical events was also groundbreaking at the time, making Tintin not just entertaining but educational too.

Tintin has captivated readers for decades with its exciting adventures and lovable characters. It remains popular today as new generations discover its timeless appeal.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed stories or appreciate beautifully crafted artwork, there’s something for everyone in the world of Tintin.

Snowy: The Trusty Canine Companion

While Tintin may be the fearless reporter, Snowy is his trusty canine companion who has been by his side through thick and thin.

Snowy is not just any ordinary dog, he is intelligent and resourceful, always ready to lend a paw to help Tintin solve the mystery at hand.

In the world of Tintin, Snowy’s loyalty and bravery are unparalleled. He has saved Tintin countless times from dangerous situations, whether it be from falling off a cliff or getting trapped in a burning building.

Snowy’s sharp senses have also helped them solve many cases, as he can detect clues that even Tintin may miss.

Without Snowy, Tintin would not be the same intrepid adventurer that we all know and love. He is more than just a pet; he is a true friend to Tintin and an essential part of their dynamic duo.

It’s clear that Snowy is not just a trusty canine companion but an integral part of the Tintin universe.

Thomson And Thompson: The Bumbling Detectives

As the quiz results come in, you discover that your best friend in the Tintin universe would be none other than Thomson and Thompson! These two bumbling detectives are always good for a laugh, with their silly antics and penchant for getting into trouble. With their matching bowler hats and mustaches, they’re hard to miss.

One of the funniest moments featuring these two characters is in ‘The Calculus Affair,’ where they show up to arrest Tintin…only to realize they’ve forgotten their handcuffs. They proceed to improvise with a length of rope, which ends up tying them together instead. It’s a hilarious scene that perfectly encapsulates their incompetence.

Despite their shortcomings, Thomson and Thompson are always there when Tintin needs them most. Whether it’s helping him track down a criminal or providing some much-needed comic relief, they’re an integral part of the Tintin universe.

So if you ever find yourself in need of a good laugh or some lighthearted company, look no further than these two loveable detectives.

Professor Calculus: The Eccentric Scientist

When it comes to scientific shenanigans, no one does it better than Professor Calculus. He is the quintessential eccentric scientist whose quirks are both endearing and amusing.

From his hearing aid that often malfunctions to his absent-mindedness, he never fails to entertain.

One of Calculus’ quirks is his love for creating bizarre inventions. Remember the shark-shaped submarine in ‘Red Rackham’s Treasure’? That was all thanks to him! With each invention, he adds a unique flair that only he can come up with. Whether it’s a rocket ship or an earthquake machine, you can always count on Professor Calculus to bring something extraordinary to the table.

Despite his peculiarities, there’s no denying that Professor Calculus has a heart of gold. He may be forgetful at times or get lost in thought, but when he truly cares about someone or something, he will stop at nothing to achieve success.

If you’re lucky enough to befriend him, you’ll find that he is loyal and kind-hearted – qualities that make for an exceptional friend.


So, which Tintin character would be your best friend? It’s time to find out!

Take our quiz and discover which character you connect with the most. Are you a fearless adventurer like Tintin himself? Or perhaps you value loyalty above all else, making Snowy the perfect companion for you.

Maybe you prefer a good laugh and some comical mishaps, in which case Thomson and Thompson might be your ideal pals. And for those who love all things science and technology, Professor Calculus could be the perfect match.

So go ahead, take the quiz and see which Tintin character will become your new best friend!