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Which Tintin Sidekick Matches Your Personality? Take Our Quiz!

Discover the surprising Tintin sidekick that matches your personality with our fun quiz! Find out now!

Are you a fan of the classic comic series, The Adventures of Tintin? Have you ever wondered which one of Tintin’s loyal sidekicks matches your personality? Look no further – we’ve created a quiz just for you!

With characters like Captain Haddock, Snowy the dog, and the bumbling detectives Thomson and Thompson, there’s a sidekick for everyone.

Whether you’re adventurous like Tintin himself or prefer to stay behind the scenes like Professor Calculus, this quiz will help you discover which character best represents your personality.

So grab a pencil and get ready to answer some questions – let’s find out which Tintin sidekick is your match!


  1. Meet Tintin’s Loyal Companions
  2. Captain Haddock: The Adventurous Sidekick
  3. Snowy: The Loyal And Intelligent Companion
  4. Thomson And Thompson: The Bumbling Detectives
  5. Professor Calculus: The Genius Behind The Scenes
  6. Conclusion

Meet Tintin’s Loyal Companions

Discover the unique traits of Tintin’s sidekicks, and explore their adventures together. From Captain Haddock to Snowy the dog, each of Tintin’s loyal companions offers a distinct personality that complements Tintin’s own character.

While some are more adventurous and daring, others bring a touch of humor and wit to their escapades. Take a deep dive into the backstory of Tintin’s companions and their impact on the beloved series.

For instance, Captain Haddock, who first appears in ‘The Crab with the Golden Claws,’ is known for his love of whiskey and his colorful vocabulary. Yet as the series progresses, we see his character grow and become more complex, revealing a tender side that endears him to readers.

Another standout companion is Snowy, Tintin’s faithful canine companion who often saves the day with his sharp instincts and loyalty. Whether he’s chasing down criminals or helping Tintin solve a mystery, Snowy adds an element of charm and humor to the stories.

Together with Tintin, these characters create a dynamic team that has captivated readers for generations.

Captain Haddock: The Adventurous Sidekick

Exploring Captain Haddock’s character development reveals a complex and multifaceted sidekick. Initially introduced as a heavy drinker with a fiery temper, Haddock gradually evolves into a more sympathetic and nuanced character throughout the Tintin series.

His often comical outbursts and colorful insults hide a deep sense of loyalty and courage that endears him to readers.

The role of alcohol in Captain Haddock’s story arc is a topic of much discussion among Tintin fans. While his excessive drinking is initially played for laughs, it becomes clear that it is rooted in trauma from his past experiences.

As he confronts his demons and battles addiction, Haddock becomes a more sympathetic and relatable character. His journey serves as an important reminder of the dangers of substance abuse and the power of friendship to help overcome personal struggles.

Overall, Captain Haddock stands out as one of Tintin’s most memorable and beloved sidekicks. His unique personality, characterized by equal parts humor, bravery, and vulnerability, make him an essential part of the series’ enduring appeal.

Whether he’s hurling insults at his enemies or sharing a heartfelt moment with Tintin, Haddock remains one of the most iconic characters in comic book history.

Snowy: The Loyal And Intelligent Companion

As we continue our journey through the world of Tintin, we now shift our focus to Snowy, the beloved white terrier who has been by Tintin’s side since the very beginning.

Exploring Snowy’s endearing qualities is a joy in itself – from his loyalty and intelligence to his adorable quirks such as his love for bones and aversion to cats.

But let’s not forget that Snowy is more than just a cute and cuddly companion. He has been an integral part of many of Tintin’s adventures, often saving the day with his quick thinking and bravery.

Fun facts about Snowy’s adventures with Tintin include how he helped foil a plot to steal a valuable artifact in ‘The Cigars of the Pharaoh’ and even traveled to the moon in ‘Explorers on the Moon’.

What makes Snowy so special is not just his unwavering loyalty or his heroic deeds, but also his ability to bring levity to even the most dire situations. His humorous commentary and mischievous antics never fail to bring a smile to readers’ faces.

It’s no wonder that he remains one of Tintin’s most beloved companions, capturing hearts both young and old alike.

Thomson And Thompson: The Bumbling Detectives

Comic relief or competent duo?

The comedic dynamic of Thomson and Thompson has been a topic of debate among Tintin fans for years. These two bumbling detectives serve as a source of humor throughout the series, often providing slapstick comedy in contrast to Tintin’s more serious demeanor.

Despite their ineptitude, Thomson and Thompson have evolved over the course of the Tintin series. While they initially appeared as mere caricatures, their characters gradually gained depth and complexity. In later books, they showed moments of bravery and resourcefulness, proving that there was more to them than just their comedic antics.

Overall, Thomson and Thompson provide a unique balance to the Tintin series. Their humorous interludes offer a break from the action-packed plot while also adding depth to the story. While they may not be the most competent detectives, they certainly leave a lasting impression on readers with their memorable personalities.

Professor Calculus: The Genius Behind The Scenes

While Thomson and Thompson provide comic relief in Tintin’s adventures, Professor Calculus is the genius behind the scenes who makes everything possible. His scientific knowledge and inventions have helped Tintin overcome numerous obstacles throughout their journeys.

The science behind Professor Calculus’ inventions is fascinating. From his shark-shaped submarine to his rocket to the moon, every creation showcases his brilliance. He also creates useful gadgets like a machine that can translate any language or a device that detects radioactivity. Without his expertise, many of Tintin’s missions would have been impossible.

Professor Calculus’ impact on Tintin’s adventures cannot be overstated. Without him, Tintin would not have been able to uncover the secrets of The Seven Crystal Balls or defeat the Syldavian rebels in King Ottokar’s Sceptre. His inventions have saved countless lives and made it possible for Tintin to travel to places far beyond his reach.

Professor Calculus is undoubtedly one of the most important characters in the Tintin series.


So, which Tintin sidekick matches your personality? Take our quiz and find out!

Whether you’re a daring adventurer like Captain Haddock, a loyal and intelligent companion like Snowy, a bumbling but well-meaning detective like Thomson and Thompson, or a genius behind the scenes like Professor Calculus, there’s sure to be a character that resonates with you.

No matter which sidekick you end up with, one thing is for sure: Tintin wouldn’t have made it through all of his thrilling adventures without the help of his trusty companions.

So take the quiz, discover your match, and next time you pick up a Tintin comic book or watch one of the animated series or movies, keep an eye out for your kindred spirit on the page or screen.